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What's In The Name?

Launching Stories: Every business we work with, we launch A Success Story

Our Story

Coming from last 14 + years of over 30 industry exposure and experience with multiple product, service, B2B/C and you name it, I realized the biggest failure for businesses been in the strategy part. Either they are not designed right, or executed well.

Be it a well established business, startup or SMBs, they lack right set of all-rounder experts for strategies who can develop a wholesome strategy right from the business milestone to its execution and review analysis.

Many businesses on-board different experts/agencies for each specific strategy. That becomes another hustle for businesses to manage the synchronization between them. Else, that turns out to be another expensive reason for failure. Dtaa says, over 80% of the start-ups are unable to survive over 5 years.

Launching Stories is designed to ensure businesses are successful with sustainability and ethically in various known and unknown business circumstances.
Founder & CEO

Behind every individual success story that we craft & launch, we work Real Hard & Smart.

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We develop customized & sustainable strategies

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