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India's First "Fractional CMO" Services Company

Your time is precious. Successful entrepreneurs don't do everything by themselves, but focus on growth and revenue. Save your time and escape the everyday hustle.

Hire Fractional CMO / Senior Marketing Professionals for industry expertise and hands-on experience. That too without making big holes in your pockets.

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We provide End-to-End strategic Marketing services for your tech start-up or enterprises. Ensuring the quality delivery without over burdening the fund requirements which you should rather put on making product better.

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Your startup surely need the highly experienced marketing professional to ensure the sustainability of your business as well as to keep the marketing team's productivity up. But budget is always a challenge. Shake hands with us for the budget friendly yet expert consultation to help you build right business strategies and build a smart team.

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Our FAQs

Advantages of Fractional CMO (FMCO)

  1. Tap into seasoned marketing expertise
  2. Mitigate full-time salary and benefits expenses
  3. Secure cost-effective marketing support
  4. Leverage the skills of a fractional CMO
  1. No preparation time for desired marketing scalability 
  2. Quick adaptability to market changes
  3. No additional resource hunt for new skill set requirements
  4. Ensure resource allocation aligns with business needs
  1. Leverage benefits from the best of 360° marketing
  2. Knowledge of over 20 marketing approaches 
  3. Best approaches pick for integrated marketing  tactics
  4. Smooth adoption of new marketing methods
  5. Expertise from the most conventional to advanced digital marketing
  1. Harness a wealth of marketing experience and knowledge
  2. Stay at the forefront of cutting-edge marketing trends and strategies
  3. Stay ahead of competition
  4. Apply expertise without delay
  1. Oversight and direction for your internal marketing resources.
  2. Participation in recruitment of additional team members 
  3. Link between your internal team and external freelancers, agencies
  4. Ensure resource allocation aligns with business needs & goals
  1. An in-house head of marketing will atleast cost you approx. 18-30 LPA
  2. FCMO may cost almost 50% for thesame skill-set
  3. Overall productivity becomes 150%+ with on-the-go mentorship
  4. Setting up standard operating processes (SOP), and early adoption
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Industries We Serve

With 15+ years of industry expertise in end-to-end marketing segments like B2B, B2C, B2B2C, products as well as services, Launching Stories just know what will be the best marketing and strategic practices for your business. Right from an e-commerce platform to the most cognitive technology, SaaS platforms to gaming world, we built the strategies and marketed it all.
Tech Products
Start-ups who are introducing Mobile apps, Web apps, SaaS platform, B2B applications, Health Tech, FinTech, EduTech etc.
IT Services
Start-ups who are providing their services inclusive of cognitive tech, AI, ML, AR, VR, RPA, NLP, NLG, GPT, Data Analytics, and more.
Gaming & Web3
Start-ups who are building products or availing services into the spectrum of Gaming, Web2, Web3, Crypto, Metaverse, and NFTs.
Businesses who wants to build their store online, get registered on any marketplace, run ad campaigns on amazon, google, instagram, etc.
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Clients Who Trusted Us

SaaS-based Enterprise Cloud Migration Platform
Online Gifting & Event Management Platform
SaaS-based Enterprise Cloud Migration Platform
Fitness Tracking & Coach Hiring App
Custom Digital Transformation Platform
E-commerce Platform for Furniture & Decor Products

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E-commerce Platform : Make your own store & sale under your brand name

Get your E-commerce Store Managed & Marketed Right

Partnered with some high-rated e-commerce platform to ensure successful launch of your own e-commerce store and marketing the store right.
Best Prices: Being partnered with ecommerce platforms we offer the best prices than others.
Direct Support Access: We ensure the wait time of contacting support doesn't hamper your business.
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