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5 Big Reasons for Tech Start-ups to Hire Launching Stories for their Marketing & Branding

5 Big Reasons for Tech Start-ups to Hire Launching Stories for their Marketing & Branding

 No startup can succeed without proper marketing and branding. As Gartner says, 70% of startups fail because of inefficient marketing and wrong business strategies. 

Every start-up would want to be a recognized brand, presented better to investors, to build a portfolio correctly so that it gets you more potential clients and your business grows as a defined and sustainable tech product or service business.

For that it is very important that your business strategy, product development process or service delivery process and marketing strategies as well as sales practices are not only streamlined. So, you need to have the right experts for respective roles i.e. technology experts for product development, CEO for leading business and likewise a marketing expert to strategize marketing plans.

That is where Launching Stories comes into the picture. As a marketing agency, we will

  1. Understand the start-up category, competitors, & evaluate business goals.
  2. Provide expert consultation for the right strategies.
  3. Craft marketing strategies that align with your business goals
  4. Set execution process.
  5. Execute marketing strategies with best practices and monitor team
  6. Analyse the performance of marketing campaigns and improvise.
  7. Strategize the growth & expansion of your business

Still not sure whether to hire Launching Stories or not? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should hire Launching Stories to take care of your business’s marketing needs. 

Reasons to Hire Launching Stories

1. Less Cost than In-house Marketing

An in-house marketing team requires a bunch of people like the chief marketing officer, data analyst, marketing consultant, and marketing manager. And a lot of coordination too. Additionally, as a tech startup, marketing is not your forte. 

In-house marketing asks for high-paying staff, quality systems, expensive technologies, and software and training that can eat up your marketing budget. By hiring Launching Stories, you cut down the overall marketing costs. 

2. Time Saving

Since you are focused on business growth and product development, it is not good to catch up in the day-to-day hassle of marketing. And as marketing requires a lot of coordination and micromanaging the team on a daily basis, it will consume a lot of your productive time. By hiring a marketing agency, you cut down a lot of trial and error. We can take care of all your marketing needs, from creating strategies to end-to-end execution. 

3. More Expertise and Experience

Launching Stories have 15+ years of experience in different IT product and service business models like  b2b and b2c, b2b2c. So we know what is good for your brand and how to reach your target audience. With the best mix of marketing strategies, we offer you the most effective marketing tactics.

4. Higher Value Addition/ROI

With industry expertise and highly qualified marketing professionals, Launching Stories provide proven marketing strategies that bring higher ROI to your business and add value. Before launching any marketing campaigns, we do appropriate market and target audience research. We regularly monetize campaign performance and improvise campaign agility.

3. Scalability & Flexibility

Launching Stories ensure that all the marketing efforts are driving desired results. And we are flexible in upgrading strategies and ongoing campaigns. Additionally, we track KPIs to make the most impact on your strategic marketing outcomes. 

A Little Bit About Launching Stories

Launching Stories is a one-stop shop for marketing and branding requirements for all tech startups to grow their business. With our 15+ years of expertise and experience, we offer proven strategies that will create an impact and boost your marketing results and branding impact. 

We are a team of skilled marketers who understand your business goals and deliver high-quality marketing campaigns for your business. From developing compelling content to optimising your online presence, we do everything that markets your tech product/services efficiently. 

But Before You Say Yes…

Hover over a free consultation call with us. Since no two marketing companies are alike, let’s connect and first evaluate your requirements and have the compatibility check. 

We have crafted strategies and launched many success stories already. and we are sure that we can craft your success story as well.. So don’t lose time in hand in hustling among all

departments/tasks. Don’t miss any opportunity to elevate your business and drive meaningful results. 

Let’s Connect…

Let’s craft your success story & launch to achieve higher goals. Write to for your strategy building, product review, design, branding, marketing and research requirements or whatsapp at +91-7302192114