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“Must Have” Sales Enablement Documents before “Go-to-Market”

“Must Have” Sales Enablement Documents before “Go-to-Market”

When you give someone a task, it’s always helpful to also provide them with the right resources and tools to get the job done correctly. That way, they can work more efficiently and effectively.

The same idea applies to your sales team. You have to provide them with the right content, resources, and tools if you want them to close more deals and generate more revenue.

But how do you make sure your sales reps have everything they need to succeed? That’s where sales enablement content comes in – it provides your team with the resources they need to boost their sales performance and achieve their goals.

What Are Sales Enablement Documents?

Sales enablement documents include resources, materials, insights, and useful data that help your sales team attract more customers and convert more deals. It also includes the well defined processes that marketers undertake to help sales reps sell. It is about increasing productivity, making a business impact that can measure, and getting training programs out the door faster. 

9 Types of Sales Enablement Content to Have On Hand

  1. Sales Playbooks:

These are comprehensive guides that provide sales reps with information concerning sales techniques and best practices. It helps align your sales reps’ activities to the buyer’s journey. Just like a football playbook, different plays are designed for different situations. 

  1. Product Brochures: 

These documents provide information on products, services, or solutions that are being sold, highlighting their features and benefits. A well-designed product brochure showcases your products or services in the best possible light and addresses any questions a customer might have, helping them make an informed purchase decision.

  1. Sales Collateral: 

This includes documents such as case studies, white papers, and customer testimonials that demonstrate the value of the company’s products and services. The goal of sales collateral is to educate prospective customers about the product or service and move deals forward.

  1. Sales Presentations: 

Sales presentations provide visual aids, such as PowerPoint slides or videos, to support the sales pitch to potential customers. It will help you tell your company’s story highlighting your value proposition and aligning with your audience’s needs and desires. 

  1. ROI Calculators: 

These tools help sales reps to calculate the return on investment for potential clients, helping them understand the value of the company’s products or services. They provide your sales team with the foundation of understanding the financial and operational value of your company’s value proposition.  

  1. Competitive Battle cards: 

These tools help sales reps to calculate the return on investment for potential clients, helping them understand the value of the company’s products or services. They help you compare your company’s product, service, features, and pricing to other competitors.

  1. Proposal Templates: 

These templates enable sales reps to create proposals for potential customers, providing a clear overview of the company’s offerings and potential solutions to their needs. The purpose of having templates is to save time and maintain some basic standards for graphics, text, and layout. 

  1.  Sales Scripts: 

These documents provide a script or outline for sales reps to follow during a call or meeting with a potential customer, helping them stay focused and on track throughout the sales process. A sales script increases message consistency and effectiveness of the pitch.

  1. Sales Training Materials: 

These materials include training guides, videos, and e-learning courses designed to improve and enhance sales skills, techniques, and processes. New sales reps benefit greatly from sales training materials that cover everything from prospecting to closing deals. They can quickly learn the ropes and start selling effectively, thanks to these resources.

All Set to Create a Strong Sales Enablement Content?

In a nutshell, the core aim of sales enablement content is to help sales reps to close more deals, at the same time helping customers to make informed decisions. Furthermore, sales enablement documents help to formalise the process of sales which makes other administrative work easier.


This reduces the time and effort required for sales meetings and presentations. It also facilitates a smooth exchange of information between the sales rep and the customer, as the sales rep can provide satisfactory replies to the customer’s queries with the information at his disposal in the form of sales enablement documents. 


So, invest in sales enablement content today and see the positive impact it can have on your sales team and business as a whole!


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